Ride Report: Sierra Madre – San Gabriel Canyon Rd – Cogswell Gate

41.1 miles, 2:33 moving time, 2,287 ft elevation, 80 suffer score, 163 W ave power, 1,391 kJ work, 17 trophies Sunny warm morning to ride to Cogswell Dam. The Club met at Starbucks… Continue reading

PTC Brick #2. Descanso – Hampstead – St. Katherine – Glen Oaks

19.3 miles, 1:21 moving time, 1,644 ft elevation, 44 suffer score, 172 W, 755 kJ Work, 105 Training load PTC Brick started at 5:30pm. It’s still early for many folks to make it.… Continue reading

Race Rehearsal. Bike.

56.5 miles, 3:06 moving time, 797 ft elevation, 86 suffer score, 19 trophies My training plan called for a bike race rehearsal. I hit the River Trails. Starting at Encanto Park at the… Continue reading

PTC Brick #1. Rose Bowl Loop + Arroyo to SoPas

Brick = Bike + Run Bike: 19.2 miles, 689 ft elevation, 1:02 hr moving time, 36 suffer score, 8 trophies. Run: 3.6 miles, 125 ft elevation, 38:17 moving time, 54 suffer score. We… Continue reading


 I borrowed this from another blog. It made me laugh and smile.  


LA has warmed up for spring. 90F and the orchids on our porch are blooming.

Big Bike Week – Day 4 – Crystal Lake

47.4 miles, 4:05 moving time, 4,961 ft elevation, 36 trophies The forecast was 90F, we started early at 7am from Encanto Park in Duarte. We had great weather. It was not hot during… Continue reading

Happy Pi Day

My mom and dad dropped off a chocolate cream pie to celebrate Pi Day. 3.1415926 3-14-15 is today. time is 9.26pm So, we eat pie!

Big Bike Week – Day3. Cloudburst

66.2 miles, 5:45 moving time, 7,444 ft elevation. [This is a re-post from Joe’s blog] While it was heating up in LA, we headed up the mountains and found perfect weather. Sometimes Cloudburst… Continue reading

Seven Essential Rules For A Happy Life

Originally posted on Good Time Stories:
Photo Credit: Moyan Brenn via CC Flickr I saw this list the other day of the seven things that will help a person to become a happier…