Strava premium

I upgraded to Premium on Strava. I splurged on the $6 today. woohoo. Here’s some of the cools stuff: Heat Maps: Cycling and Running I love how you can see all the route… Continue reading


Amazing. Beautiful. I make pop up cards, but this guy is ridiculous.

peacock morning

My peacock friends are back. I saw them every morning for the last few days. I was happy to see them roaming around all happy. Does this make me a bird watcher?

PTC Sunday Beginner Ride. Rose Bowl – SoPas- Huntington Gardens

18.8 miles, 1:56 moving time Sunday Beginner Ride. Gail. Ride leader. Started at the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center. There was a 5k event all around the Rose Bowl, so we headed south on… Continue reading

Revel Canyon City Half Marathon

13.1 miles, 2:06:19 moving time, , 972 ft elevation net drop, 3 strava trophies Revel Canyon City Half Marathon. This was a zero dark thirty local trip. 4:30am call time. We met at… Continue reading

Computrainer. Last3D. Dannon Duathlon.

18.49 miles. I felt tired going into this one. Kirk and Gregg were all set to drop me and Amy from the start. We hung in there for about half the ride. The… Continue reading

Track at CalTech

4.9 miles, 46:00 moving time 1200 – 800 – 400. then again 1200 – 800 – 400. I got my official card for the Los Feliz Flyers tonight. I saw a bunch of… Continue reading

Spartan Malibu. [giveaway]

I have a new friend at Spartan Races, so I am pushing his SoCal Race in Malibu for him. I even have a free entry code to Giveaway! Dec 6 (Sat) and Dec… Continue reading

peacock and friends

It has been a few weeks since I saw my peacock friends. 7 or 8 of them were playing in a neighbors front yard. Since I have a new phone, I shot a… Continue reading

Sunday Beginner Ride

11.1 miles, 1:04:58 moving time I brought my kids to the PTC Sunday Beginner Ride at the Rose Bowl. It was the 2nd Sunday of the month, which happens to be the Great… Continue reading