annual pictures

ptcEvery year, on the first Saturday of the new year, PTC rides every hill around Pasadena. We take our annual club picture at Pasadena City Hall.

I had such a blast on Saturday.  Pasadena Triathlon Club‘s Resolution Ride.

I was so happy to be on my bike again and hang out with my friends. Here’s some pictures of me with Dino, Kirk, Marvin.


I use triathlon as an analogy for life all the time. Annual ptc -dinopictures are a happy time, a celebration of life together.

Who’s in the club this year? Who’s our cycling buddies this year?

Do I take annual pictures in my life to commemorate the good times? I guess so. Birthday pictures and holiday pictures are the hallmark times. Who’s in my life this year? Who’s my buddies this year? ptc- kirk

There’s a book that says to List the Top 5 people that you hang out with the most, and you will be like them. Are they fat? You’ll likely be fat. Do they read? You’ll likely read. Do they ride and run, hundreds of miles per year? You’ll likely be running and riding.

More importantly, are they successful? Are they giving? Are they inspiring?

I want to hang out with people that inspire me to be MORE… more giving, more active, more full of life.

These guys are in my pictures year after year.

I plan on more pictureptc - marvins for years to come.

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