Blue Blanket Coaching

Blue Blanket Coaching (BBC) is here to help people increase their happiness at work and at home.joeschmoe2000_1387406541_81

BBC is a 1-on-1 life coaching program with Joe Wong.

  • We start with where you are
  • We find out where you want to be
  • We move in that direction

You gotta show up. You gotta want to change. Only you can change you.

I bring my life experiences, professional work experience, entrepreneurial experiences.

Methods and techniques

I believe you can Choose Happiness, and Find Happiness in life, in work, and at home.

Life is what you make it. Life can be amazing. Drop the cynicism, whining, blaming, and guilt. Pick up optimism, gratitude, and happiness. Find freedom. Take baby steps in the beginning. Find out that you can accomplish the impossible. Change old habits, old friends, old feelings. Jump into the now and make your future.

Program is as unique as you are. I use the web, video, email, phone, and personal sessions.

Please contact me for pricing and availability.

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