New Years Resolutions 2016

I like New Years Resolutions. The Commitment to Big Things is exciting and invigorating.

Ironman Triathlon

My Big New Years Resolution for 2016 was made in July 2015. I decided to do my first Full Ironman. I sent out feelers to get buy-in with the family. Then I dropped the bomb on my friends. At first, I was headed to Whistler Canada, which worked better for the family schedule. But, in the end, I changed it to Ironman Mont Tremblant (near Quebec, Canada). So far, it’s worked really well. I got a few key friends signed up and then it took off. Now, we have 21 people signed up for Ironman Mont Tremblant.

Pasadena Triathlon Club

I moved roles in the Pasadena Triathlon Club (PTC). Last year, I served as President. With the big goal above, I needed to make more time. One way to make more time was to spend less time on PTC. As the Membership Director, it will be more manageable. Still involved on the Board of Directors, but less central to the whole make or break of it all. Ben, Lynda, Alvin, Peter, and Sebastian have been great on the new Board this year. No worries.


I’ve committed to making a fun times with the kids. My daughter and I are planning a fun/educational/volunteering vacation this summer. More on that later. Part of this resolution is to always say ‘hi’ to my kids every night with a hug and kiss. They are literally growing so fast, that when I kiss their head, it’s my built in measuring stick. Sometimes they’re at sports workouts or in their rooms studying. So, this resolution is go find them and hug them. And, when they come home to hug them. The days are long, but the years are short. I intend to savor every moment with them while they’re here, nearby, in our house, within reach. I like having them tag along on stuff, so the in-between times are great casual moments to connect and chitter chatter with them. The deep meaningful conversations can build on the happiness and comfort of lots of fun days and casual tag alongs.


I will pick up my Happiness Project again. This is an important life goal to continue working on my Happiness Project. It led me to starting a blog. It led me to volunteer on PTC board. It leads me to new and exciting adventures. This year, my Happiness Project will take on new focus. It will take work to carve out time to spend on it.

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