unique genius. course 1.

picture is Aaron’s happy feeling picture. rainbows, treasure, sun, and flowers.

How did Course 1 create clarity in your life or dream business?

  • course 1 focused my attention on what i really want out of life, out of my work. 
  • i love the challenge to make money through enjoyment. i was inspired to do something now and keep exploring a bunch of ideas. 
  • i like the freedom that you give in your program. it’s liberating instead of demanding. you found a very specific type of person to talk to and i think you’re talking directly to me sometimes. especially when you’re talking about obsessing about things being perfect. 
  • i was thankful that your meditation comments were always phrased as suggestive and helpful and not condescending and snobby about your special zen experience. i see genuine humility and respect for my own belief system. you also met me where i’m at. 

In a few sentences, what is your dream business starting to look like?

  •  my dream business is starting to look like…
  • i approached your course with an open mind. i did the exercises without trying to answer with pre-conceived ideas. i was excited about the mashups of my interests and work experience.
  • as an engineer, i feel my comfort zone is designing things and meeting user needs with a device and a system. 
  • the consulting and coaching is a new idea for me. i feel inadequate in that area, but i am going to explore it more. i don’t have the stellar success track record that you do, but i think i might have something to contribute to somebody. i do love to teach and coach new engineers. i have a success story about that. so, there’s hope there. 
  • i am definitely on the 2-track program. i’m working my day job to pay the mortgage and support the family. 
  • dream business is blending medical devices and services with beautiful design. coaching and happy enthusiasm in there too.

What is a baby step you can take right now to get started in your dream business?

  •  my baby step right now is to dig deep and explore which mash up ideas of medical devices and services and coaching can work for me. 
  • another baby step is to call and meet with close friends to get their feedback on my coaching ability.

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