insurance, triathlons, serendipity

When I meet new people and they ask how I got into triathlons, I tell a little story.serendipity-frame

I got into triathlons serendipitously.

The kids were very young at the time. While looking for life insurance on behalf of the kids, I had health screenings for life insurance. My blood pressure was borderline high, so the health screener suggested to diet and exercise and try the screening again in about 6 months to get a better rate. I thought to myself, ‘Diet, no way. Exercise, okay.’ At the same time, my friend Marvin invited me to start a journey towards triathlons. He said, ‘remember when you were a kid and loved to ride your bike, and run around the back yard, and jump in the pool? It’s just like that!’ So, i started with a walk around the Rose Bowl. Then a walk-run. then a run-walk. I joined the Pasadena triathlon club. I joined the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center. I bought a new bike. That was in 2006.

The Lesson: I was open to following opportunities as they arose and in that process new opportunities arose.

Although I was pursuing insurance, I got a healthy lifestyle instead.

Although I reached out to an old friend, I got a new crew of healthy friends.

Although I was dealing with my current family life, I got a whole new outlook on life.

Serendipity is giving your life enough breathing room for you to explore and to flourish.

Tip: Give yourself time and space to pursue things. Pay attention to what pops up next.

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