Tuesday Ride. New friend, Old friend

Tuesday Ride. No Prisoner’s Ride. New friend, old friend.

17.0 miles, 1:19:29 moving time, 1,891 ft elevation, 8 strava trophies

We saw the return of MarcO, an old friend to PTC from a few years back. And Rob, a new PTC guy, who later had a mechanical on Hampstead.

Peter and Derek and Andy led the group out at RBAC; we climbed out of the arroyo to Linda Vista to Highland to Descanso (5%). We climbed Hampstead (8-12%), where Rob had a derailleur problem. He ended up calling home for help. Sugar Loaf (15-18%), St. Katherine (10-13%), Glen Oaks (5-9%). It got dark a little earlier. Good times other than the mechanical. I wore my light tint photochromatic lens, cuz most of the ride is in shade. And I had my front head light, but it ran out of battery juice, just when it got really dark. hmmm.

Mike and Andy


Me and Marc


Me, Rob, Peter, Mike, Derek, Marc.

IMG_9317 IMG_9318

Yuri and group on Linda Vista

IMG_9320 IMG_9321



Yuri’s first time to the top of Sugar Loaf. Well Done! 15-18%

IMG_9326 Tuesday Ride. New friend, old friend.  Ride  Strava - Google Chrome 8192014 83200 PM




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