UCLA football game

My daughter played with the SoPas Marching Band in the half time show at Rose Bowl. UCLA’s home football games are played at the Rose Bowl. It’s very close to our house.

My son and I got spontaneous tickets from a old college friend that posted on Facebook. My wife dropped me and BK off, about a quarter mile up the street, and we walked down. Incidentally, the famous Gable House, designed by Greene and Greene is on the way there. It’s a famous Arts and Crafts style house, which was also featured in the Back to Future movies from the 80’s. Doc’s house. We walked through all the 76,000 tailgating Bruins and 1 Utah fan. We shopped for a belated, but most awesome-est birthday gift; BK picked out a new UCLA jersey. We had BBQ ribs at the FanZone. I got pictures with Joe and Josephine Bruin, and the UCLA Cheerleaders. It was perfect timing. Although it was tricky to connect with my friend, it all worked out great. The tickets were literally on the 50 yd line, below the tunnel level. Best seats I ever sat in. The game was a heart-breaker of a loss to the Utah Utes. Boo. Anyway, BK and I hitched a ride home with our old friends the Yees, who also have a son in the marching band.

IMG_0585 IMG_0590 IMG_0592 IMG_0635 IMG_0595 IMG_0653 IMG_0639 IMG_0638 IMG_0612



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