Mio Link. Heart Rate Sensor. Functional Threshold (FT) Test.

I got a MIO Link for Christmas. I love Christmas. Ho HO HOOOO!

A little retail therapy. My friends Gregg and Johnna love their MIOs, I tried one of theirs on at CompuTrainer one night and I was sold. The MIO Link is a heart rate sensor, which replaces the nasty, squeezy chest band of yesteryear.

I wore it to CompuTrainer tonight and it worked like a charm.

Opening the box, the MIO is a nice soft rubber. Size S/M fits my skinny wrist perfectly. Snug and flat. The reviews say that any stray light from the LED will lead to inaccuracies. The charging dongle is magnetic, and snaps the pod into place, with or without the band. It’s wonderful. Super intuitive and easy to pair. I paired it the iPhone App to make sure it worked. Screen shots of the iPhone App. It’s nice. I set the Max heart rate to 170 in the app, and also set the 5 level. So, the blinking colored LEDs tell you which heart rate zone I’m in. Then, I connected it to my Garmin 910xt. It’s my main computer for all things triathlon. I’m still drooling over the 920xt. Maybe next year… Lynda has one and it’s awesome. But, I digress.

IMG_3332 IMG_3311 IMG_3312 IMG_3310

CompuTrainer started with 40 minute interval warm up. Then, the Functional Threshold test on the CompuTrainer is a 20 minutes 2% grade. You give it all you got and hold it for 20 minutes.

Corrina and Lisa are signed up for Iroman Arizona 2015. So, they’ve been starting on CompuTrainer this winter.

Lynda got us settled in, then she took for the ghetto swim.

Me, Lisa, Gio, Bill, Gregg, Corrina. Lucas in back row. Bryan came in later.

IMG_3319 IMG_3323

Software for FT Test has video of this guys butt for an hour.

IMG_3326 Chrome Legacy Window 1292014 85706 PM IMG_3327

My Results:

Average Power – 210 Watts

Average W/kg – 2.81

Threshold Power – 199 Watts

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