One wild and precious life

This is a terrific run-spirational video by Billy Yang. I love it cuz it has everything. It has trail racing. It has helping others. It has inspirational poetry in the poet own voice. One Wild and Precious Life, is a phrase from a Mary Oliver poem. It has amazing landscapes. It has the finish line video. I love the finish line video. It has those raw emotions of seeing your goal accomplished, the end of the long road, and winning in your heart. The beginning is a tad dark, and a minute too long, but he makes up for it in really great story telling and action clips of him and his friends running. Western States 100. Angeles Crest 100. Alaska. Squaw Valley. All the big North American ultras. Very cool. I can appreciate how much time and energy the video took to complete. Well Done.

Check out Billy Yang’s youtube channel for more great running videos. Interviews and run-alongs with amazing trail racers.

I was lead to this video from another blogger friend.


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