PowerTap G3. Changing Battery.

My PowerTap G3 was signalling a low battery to my Garmin. I watched a couple YouTube videos to see what to do. Links below.

I bought my PowerTap used from a friend and couldn’t find the special cap removal tool. So, I carefully used a set of pliers over a soft cloth. The most important thing from the videos is to NOT twist off the battery pack, because that will rip apart the circuit tabs to the sensor.


This is the special cap removal tool.


Removed cap.


Lift the battery pack straight up. DON’T twist.


Button battery CR2032. and connector tab (circuit connector).


Got it connected to my Garmin 920XT! So it’s working fine again.


Helpful Videos:

In other news, I got a new mike mount from K-edge. It’s a combo Garmin and GoPro mount. Garmin 810 mounts on the top, and GoPro mounts underneath. Works great and it’s cleaner mount. The GoPro housing needed some shaving modification to squeeze into the K-edge mount. But, I’d rather have a tight fit than a loose fit.


This is my first video clip from the new mount in place. I was descending the Sepulveda Pass. You can see the Skirball Center at 0:51.

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