Ride Report – Eagle Rock – Bill’s Wild Ride

36 miles, 3:21 moving time, 4,370 ft elevation, 22 trophies

This was Bill’s Wild Ride. He was trying out a bunch of new climbs around Glendale and Eagle Rock. We started at Jones Coffee in Pasadena. One of the great climbs was up Mountain in Glendale. We passed by my old house in Rancho San Rafael. [My Garmin was having funny issues. So, there’s a Part1 and Part2.]

There was one notable climb on Nolden that was 30%. It came about 3/4 into the ride and we were pretty tired already. Bill said there was an easier way around. But, I was already delirious at that point and tackled it as hard as I could. I got about 1/3 of the way up and couldn’t keep turning over the pedals. Gasp! It was crazy. When the sidewalk is stairs, you know it’s steep.

Overall it was lots of fun to try new climbs. Kudos to Israel for toughing it out; this was his first club ride. [I hope he comes back for more.]



Chrome Legacy Window 3132016 125907 PMBill's Wild Ride. Part2. 30% at Poppy  Ride  Strava - Google Chrome 3132016 125823 PM

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