Garmin Edge 530, Garmin Varia Radar and Rearlight

Father’s Day was awesome. I got new tech gear for my bike!

Two Garmin products: Bike Computer and Rear Light.  you might say, that sounds boring? Au contraire, mon frere! The Garmin 530 has it all going on and the Varia Rear tail light has radar detection for upcoming cars behind you. The Varia is most useful when you’re in the mountains, and especially when you’re descending. With the wind, you cannot hear cars approaching from behind. You can’t keep turning your head around to look and take your eyes off the road. It detects motorcycles good. It usually doesn’t pick up individual cyclists, but some times packs of riders.

The basic features that I use on the bike computer:

  • Screen1 is my full ride screen: Total distance, Total ascent, Time of Day, Elapsed Time, Battery %.
  • Screen2 is my instantaneous info: Speed, Power, Grade.
  • Course Map

New feature that I’ve been using:

  • Courses. Basically, I save a previous Ride on Strava as anExport Course. Download strava app on Garmin 530. Then, Sync the Garmin and it shoves the course into the Garmin 530. Open Course on Garmin 530. Then, I get turn by turn directions. Early notifications of turns.

Garmin Edge 530

Here’s the full detailed review on the Garmin Edge 530 by my favorite Tech-Gear-Tri-head, DC Rainmaker. I love his reviews. The videos are great if you have the time to soak it all in. The blog posts are great if you’re looking for a specific feature or problem. His reviews are THE BEST.

Review by DesFit:

Garmin Varia Radar and Rear Light.

Here’s the full detailed Garmin Varia Radar and Rear light review by my favorite Tech-Gear-Tri-head, DC Rainmaker. I love his reviews.

Here’s what the Garmin 530 and Varia look like on my bike. The top corner symbol tells you the radar is on. The sides light up Red and Beeps, when a car is approaching from behind. You’re the red dot, and the car is the white dot. Multiple dots will show up for each car detected. The sides will light up green if the car turns off and is no longer following you. My Garmin 735 XT watch also displayed the radar detector. It buzzes when a car is detected and it shows a similar red side bar and dots.

Shout out to my friend Kirk, who is even more of tech geek than I. He showed me his Varia during a ride a couple months ago, and I decided I needed one.







This video doesn’t exist

pics from DC Rainmaker


One thought on “Garmin Edge 530, Garmin Varia Radar and Rearlight

  1. JUST give a freaking list of WHICH radar WORKS with the EDGE 530!! I read somewhere that the RTL515 works with the Edge 530 but I can’t get it to connect!

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