ROKA Wetsuit

I got a new wetsuit! My old wetsuit (Tyr Freak of Nature) was a used one and it was holey and pretty ghetto now. So, I took advantage of the Pasadena Tri Club ROKA discount and got my own ROKA Maverick wetsuit. It arrived in the mail yesterday and I couldn’t wait to try it on. I took it to the pool this morning for a spin, after the morning workout.

Tip for putting on wetsuit once you are already wet or the wetsuit is already wet.

Putting on a wetsuit when you’re already wet is very difficult. My lane buddy Matt told me a trick to get it one. Stuff your feet through and pull the legs up a little bit. It get stuck your skin right away. He said to fill up with water under the shower or dip into the pool and fill the suit with water and stand up. When the water is filling up the suit, the suit releases traction from your skin. Then, as as gravity pulls the the water down and out your ankles, pull the suit up and it’s on like a charm. This trick also works on your arms. Stuff your arms in and then fill the arms with water. As gravity pulls the water down your wrists, pull the suit up your arms!

I’m 6’0″ and 160 lbs. The Medium-Tall fits perfectly. The legs go all the way down to my ankles and the arms down to my wrists. On other regular size suits, the legs hike halfway up my calf and the arms are halfway up my forearms. This new suit is comfortable. The arms are thin and stretchy. Easy to fully extend. There are also circle dots for placement reference on the knees, elbows, and shoulders. This helps you make sure it’s in the same spots. I can’t wait to try in the open water on the weekend.


Wet Suit Tips

Store your wetsuit dry and folded. Don’t store it on a hanger, in your closet (that’s only for blog pictures, silly].

Day before open water swim. Soak wetsuit. Foam will absorb water (hydrating). It will be more pliable. Less likely to rip when suiting up.

After a pool swim, rinse in clean water, inside and outside.

Don’t leave wetsuit in hot car. Foam will degrade.

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