10% Happier – Dan Harris

Dan Harris has a great podcast called 10% happier. I’ve been listening to many of his podcasts over the last few months. Dan is a co-host on Nightline on ABC, but he’s also a great interviewer and an interesting guy. I like his podcasts because he has such interesting and varied guests. Athletes, business people, unknown guys/gals, famous gurus, actors, writers. He asks them how they started meditating and what it has done for them. Not many are all out spiritual about it, most folks are very pragmatic about how it calms them down and focuses their thinking. I really enjoy the podcast and his way of interviewing. He draws out great personal stories and solid truths from everybody.

Here’s his website: http://www.10percenthappier.com/mindfulness-meditation-the-basics/

And his book: https://www.amazon.com/10-Happier-Self-Help-Actually-Works/dp/0062265423


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