3000m at GRA this morning. This was my first swim in my ROKA SIM PRO II SHORTS. It was great. I could definitely feel the buoyant lift of my butt. It’s like wearing a pull buoy. In fact when you actually have a pull buoy plus the SIM shorts, you’re above the water. Haha. In all seriousness, the SIM shorts are great for triathletes. My PTC friends GT and Efraim also had SIM shorts on today too. It keeps your body position without the need to kick, saving your legs for the bike and run. Putting them on is easier than a full wetsuit, but definitely different than a pair of regular swim trunks or briefs. The SIM Shorts are cut low, I mean, very low at the waist. I kept trying to pull them up higher on the rear, for fear of crack-age showing. Also like a wetsuit, the SIM shorts hold a little bit of water close to the body. So, when I push off the wall and water slides in down my back, there’s an interesting sensation of the cold water filling your pants. And conversely, when you get out of the pool, the warm water from the shorts slips down your leg, there’s a second interesting sensation. My dear friend Lynda gave me this fair as a Off-Season person. Thank you so much! I love ’em. I’ll get a lot of use out of them.



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