Surf City Half Marathon

13.1 miles, 2:14 time

Back: Ryan, Rudy, Danny, Bill, Linda, GT, Sue, Rob, Peter, Bob. Front: Joe, Alvin, Lynda, Steve, Paul, Kirk. Not pictured: Ben (full marathon).


The Surf City Half Marathon is a huge event. 15,000 people running the full marathon, Half, 10k. It’s gigantic. The PTC crew carpooled from Eagle Rock. Two vans. We park at the Hyatt and relax downstairs by the ballroom for about an hour, then walk out to Pacific Coast Hwy (PCH) for the start. We joined our Pasadena Pacer friends before and after the race, and check our bags in there. Today, the weather was overcast. Perfect running weather, not too hot, not too cold, no wind, no sun. I was feeling good, and hoping for a good day. Bob was under the weather but was a trooper in showing up and slugging through the race. There are wave starts because the crowd is so big, it just spreads out the people. I started with Kirk and Sue a couple waves back from the start. Parts of the course get narrow for the thousands of runners. We picked a good spot, because I didn’t have trouble getting around people, nor them getting around me. Mile 3 I was still feeling good. Mile 4 hill, I took it running and kept up the speed on the top and carried it back down. Mile 6 I had a potty stop and had to wait in line for a couple minutes. Mile 8 is the last turn around. I was still feeling pretty good. Then, you look down the coast, and it goes on and on. I carried my phone for music. I think the course is kinda boring, so the music helps beat the monotony. Also, everyone runs at their own pace, but you can get tricked into slowing down with people in front, music keeps you going and helps you keep your own pace. Mile 11 is a hill up the cliff. I was still feeling good, you have to dig deep at mile 11. I finished strong. 2:14. They have the coolest medals. Everyone met back at the Pacer tent. I picked up my Legacy T-shirt. I love the Legacy T-shirts. They are usually soft and long-sleeved; great sleeper shirt. We rolled Alvin and Ryan back from the beer garden and took the van ride home. We stopped for a quick lunch.



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