Brick Report

15.6 miles, 1:20 time, 1,234 ft elevation. Wed, April 18, 2018, 6pm.

Allen’s Recap of Wednesday’s Brick

We had 17 folks attend the brick yesterday.  The bowl was a bit more packed than usual with many recreational riders.  As we passed a small group with their kids, one of them said “Hey, Tour de France.”  Not sure if she was mocking us or if it was because we were fairly organized riding in a double-paceline.  By the way, double-paceline means just that, please stop half-wheeling people in front of you.  If for whatever reason the lead rider veers into you (your fault!) you are taking down a lot of other riders behind you.
A few familiar faces that attended yesterday; Deanna, Steve L and Hank (his 1st PTC event this year).  MIA – Haroon.  Joe, where are the pics? [see below, added by joe]
Thanks to Gregg for pacing the group.  After one social lap a few of us headed up the normal route.  We managed to almost get to the top of Lida on lap 2, before Peter Day et al caught us.  Good job!
I noticed most people got back to the cars and ran together.  Amy thanks for running with me. 😉
Please plan having pizza after the Brick on May 9th.  Also, there were a few requests about having dinner after the brick, any interest?

Dave, Gregg, Allen, Amy, GT, Julie


Mark, Steve, Deanna, Hank, Felippe. Also, Peter, Joe, Alvin, Bob, Kirk, Graziano.

IMG_0848IMG_0849IMG_0850IMG_0852IMG_0853IMG_0854Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 4.32.01 PM

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