Ride Report – River Trails on hot day

35 miles, 2:04 moving time, 869 ft elevation

On a hot hot day, the Club rode a short and sweet ride down the San Gabriel River Trail and up the Rio Hondo River Trail. It was in the high 80s F, as we started at Sierra Madre and rode east to Encanto Park. We picked up Alvin and Dino on the way, and a few more at the Park. Congrats to new member James who made his longest ride to date. A couple days ago, there was a brush fire right along the bike path approaching the Santa Fe Dam, in the pictures. Still smelled freshly burnt. Later in the day, temps topped 110F.

Dino, James, Bjoern, Rob, Lynda, Gregg, Leanne, Sven, Sebastian, MikeW, Greg, Marco, MikeK, Kali, Amy, Bob, Joe, Bill, Alvin, Peter.



Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 5.31.53 PM

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