business. runner. unique genius.

 i know deep down that i want to start my own business.

i have the bug. i know i’m not like everyone else. they’re all so happy doing their day job. day after day. same old thing. and then, when the company lays you off, then you go look for another one. and then you hope to climb the food chain to middle management.

some here are at a middle management training seminar for 2 days. gawd, how aweful is that?

my analogy for today is the runner.

i’m  not the fastest runner, but i love the feeling after running. i love the sense of accomplishment. i love collecting the data on my heart rate monitor as part of the proof that i ran.

as a business analogy, there aren’t may runners in the world. everybody can run, but they don’t. they don’t because it’s hard. they don’t find the joy in it.

as triathlete, it’s even harder. it’s even more of an accomplishment. i find it thrilling to finish an event. not many start them. i like to finish them. bryan, lynda, marvin, may finish in the top 3, i just finish.

i know that i’m not the fastest. that’s not the point really. it’s the healthy lifestyle and the awesomeness of saying, ‘i’m a TRIATHLETE’. and you’re not. you’re a lazy bum. heheh. these snide comments are why i turned this into a private blog. if this ever gets out, then you’ll know my sometimes feelings. there i said it.

runners and triathletes are amazing people. they have such drive.

now, to business. to make money as a sport. i sure people do it.
CEOs to CEOs it’s a club. it’s a sport. there are the super fast and podium finishers in the money world too. i’m not the fastest i just want to finish in the money world too. as a business person, i find i want to succeed. i’m not greedy. i just want to live comfortably and stretch myself.

i found and love the program.
i’ve email Aaron Ross a couple times and i think he’s really replying. although some of the emails may be automated. my last email was a request for a $300 coupon code. the online program is $895. it’s 4 courses and extra bonus gifts.

i need to get Irene on board with UniqueGenius Program too. it’s a lot cheaper than the mentoring program for the rental properties. that was a lot more money being spent on properties and i didn’t want to screw it up. i think we learned alot. dunno if we got all our money’s worth. but it got us in the game.

this one is for me. it’s personal and it’s here and now.
i am spending time during the Purif to figure out my passions and figure out how to make it a business. i will buy the program and watch it during the Purif. i hope i can download the videos onto my iPad or iPhone.

i love Aaron’s look and voice. he’s very charismatic. i like to watch him on video and listen to his voice.

i want to work on my look and my voice. i want to have the look that people want to see and watch and voice that people want to listen to.

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