two tracks

balancing the current life, while starting on the next one, can be tricky. UniqueGenius encourages a two-track life. keep your day job to support your family and pay the bills. work on the UniqueGenius part-time on the side and pursue your passion. keeping both moving well takes focus on both tracks. you gotta give both jobs your attention. keeping day job reduces financial stress.

at my day job, it’s like living a superhero life, another Unique Genius term. i have a day job and keep my Clark Kent glasses on and be a good engineer during the day. in pursuit of authenticity, i almost feel guilty about thinking about the next big thing during working hours. it’s hard to stay focused at work on work and not focused on passions. it’s discipline and priorities.

i am so excited about new ventures, i can’t help it. i wish i had a friend that was right here living it with me. but,  really, there’s not going to be anyone in my shoes that will really get me. i’m a singularly focused guy. i get obsessive. i laser focus on one thing and pursue it relentlessly. whether at day job on a specific project or on passion job. i’m a terrible multi-tasker. i do one thing at a time. i can only think about one thing at a time. i feel like i have to choose one and then pursue it, chase it down.

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