purpose in life

that’s a big one.
i think i feel good at the end of the day when i worked hard and accomplished something.
it might be a little thing
it might be a big thing
it was a thing on my list

things on my list are things to get done.
things that are important to me.
tasks that move me to a better life. one task at a time.
improve my house.
improve my triathlon.
improve my job.
improve my finances.
improve my garage, car, bike, kids.

my purpose is to improve my life each and every day.
i like lists. they are tangible enough to cross them off frequently. they are broad enough to keep me dreaming about next summer vacation.
improve my vacation.
lists focus my attention on things i don’t want to forget.
improve my job.
improve my talents
improve my family and friends

next, the purpose of my new business is to improve the lives of my customers. one task at a time. with a product or service. thinking of like-minded people. what do i do and what do i need to help me improve my life on a daily basis.
training and vision
encouragement to move outside my comfort zone.
care and fostering. human touch. hugs and more.
inspiration on a daily basis
healthy lifestyle.
tips and tricks and hacks for life.

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