Ride Report – Cogswell Dam

39.83 miles, 3:07 moving time, 2.657 ft elevation

Julien, Alvin, Mark Gregg, Mike K, Rob, Bob, Anton, Joe

Alvin Started the Club ride at Sierra Madre. 

Mile 0: I joined up late at Encanto Park. But, I got all the climbing. We crossed the river and rode up the San Gabriel River Trail to the end of the bike path

Mile 3: After the bike trail ended, we continued on the San Gabriel Canyon Road for the rest of the ride. We passed the San Gabriel Dams. There was water flowing. 

Mile 8: I stopped at the Eagle Tree. But, no eagles were in the roosting tree today. That dam was drained out and empty, so they were probably hanging out at another area with more water, fish and stuff.

Mile 12: Turned off the Highway onto West Fork to Cogswell dam. We re-grouped and decided to ride on.

Mile 19: Slow and steady grade 3-4% to the dam. This was closed for several years due to fire damage and repairs. The road is fine now with some steel plates over the concrete patches. You can see in the pics that many trees burnt along this canyon. Slowly growing back. This is the most scenic rides we take, the path winds along a flowing creek through the trees. 

Mile 20: Noticeable incline up the dam. 9-15% grade.

Julien had a flat. He changed it while we went up to the dam and back. We came back down and he was almost done. Then, Alvin had a flat. 

The dam was completely drained for de-silting. A construction worker stopped by to send us on our way. He said that they intentionally diverted the water flow and drained the dam to do some de-silting and work on the valves. 

I took it very slow down the steep part, then gently through the forest road. I caught up to Bob. 

Just before the gate, i got a flat too. Bob waited and helped me change my flat. 

We rode back down. The sun was out all day. Gorgeous weather. 

Great Day for a ride. 

I started taking video clips with my GoPro Hero 10. I got this camera for my family vacation – Bike Tour in France.

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