get un-stuck today

do you ever get stuck thinking about something? overbillboard-stuck_1116867i and over and over again. you try to forget about it and leave it behind, but then, there it is again. center stage in your mind.

how do you shake it? especially if it’s a bad thing, like you messed up and keep replaying it over and over. i beat myself up like that all the time.

here’s what i do. i forgive myself. i admit it was stupid and i messed up and then let it go. i keep thinking that thought. it’s ok. i did mess up, but what’s next and then fill my mind with happier forward thinking thoughts. actively working on the next thing, the right thing, doing it right, really gets me moving again. i gain mental momentum.

the other kind of ‘stuck’ i get: preoccupation, distraction, procrastination kind of stuck. where i’m not working or thinking about what is most important and highest on the list.

this kind of stuck needs disciplined hard work. but, it’s not as bad as it sounds. it’s just clearing my desk, clearing my mind and taking baby steps forward on the right tasks. it’s getting over the mental hump of not wanting to actually doing the hard thing. i read a book that said choose 1 hard thing to do each day. and do it first. then you feel like you accomplished something and you can mentally relax and enjoy the rest of the day. if you leave it for later, it will fester and loom over your whole day, making it harder to enjoy the whole day. it’s like taking a test and holding it all day then turning it in a the end, instead of just finishing it, first thing and then you can skip around the rest of the day, free from the burden. gain the mental momentum again.

get un-stuck today!

gain mental momentum today!

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