Magic Castle visit

My friend Bill Bentz is a magician that performs at Hollywood’s Magic Castle, the Academy of Magical Arts, which is a private club for magic enthusiasts. I had won a raffle at PTC’s Christmas party which Bill had donated. I took my wife and son and his friend. We have been super busy and didn’t get to schedule a Saturday morning with Bill until this weekend. Unfortunately, there was a special event at the Castle with no magic! Bill is not one to disappoint, so he performed so close up card tricks, coin tricks, and other slight of hand just for us, and he rescheduled another fun day at the Magic Castle in the near future. It was fun to walk around a bit. I had never been at the Castle so it was very fun. Bill did some great tricks. I encouraged the boys to enjoy the show without trying to figure out how he did the tricks. We had fun on the drive home speculating on how Bill did the tricks.

Bill said he’d been doing magic since he was a kid. He said that his parents met at the Magic Castle near the time it first opened in the late ’60s, and his dad was member at the very beginning. What a magical place to meet!

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