throwing a rock / video interviews of triathletes

skipping-rocksAaron Ross at Unique Genius encourages me to throw rocks. It’s a metaphor to create an event, a splash. follow it up with action. It’s a process to create personal momentum and move forward on a project by taking specific action.

SO, here’s my rock…

I want to interview triathletes in the Pasadena Triathlon Club.

These are my friends, so it’s not too scary. I am serving on the PTC board of directors this year and I can use these interviews as a communication method for the club. The club will learn about its own PTC logomembers. Interview will promote the club to new folks. It will share with the club by way of meaningful stories. In the process, I’ll become an expert on triathletes. I’ll learn things from others and share it. I know my unique genius is somehow connected with triathlon, so maybe these interviews will uncover what’s next in my unique genius project.

These are the questions I will ask the guys and gals in the club.junior_triathlon_05 Pretty basic stuff. But, I’m sure the answers will be pretty amazing stuff.

What is your triathlon story?

Why do you do triathlons?

Who got you into it?

What’s your greatest accomplishment, on the course or off the course?

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned from triathlon?

What would tell your best friend that doesn’t do triathlons?

What’s your big event this year and why?

What’s your day job?

Why did you join PTC?

What’s your favorite workout song or artist?

How will you help others in PTC this year?

What’s the most helpful piece of triathlon advice anyone gave to you?

What would tell a newbie to triathlons?

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