do you hold grudges? how long do you hold them? against whom do you hold them? grudgedo they even know that you’re holding the grudge?

it’s not good. bottom line it hurts you more than it hurts them.

i hold grudges because i got hurt. yeah. i got hurt. the bottom line is that i got hurt. so the next thing is how to move on. how do you heal? how do i get better?

i have to forgive. holding a grudge only eats away my insides. it doesn’t eat away THEIR insides. holding a grudge usually doesn’t include revenge. that’s a WHOLE other level, buddy. we won’t even go there.

another part of healing is finding love and support. i got hurt by someone, so i need to find someone ELSE to love me and support me. if you gotta find a new place and new people where you can find love and support, then go out there and find them. we’re out here. everybody needs love and support. if your love tank is low, then you can’t give love either. Fill ‘er up and overflow.

note: guiding principles in my blog. (1) share something about me. don’t generalize, be specific. (2) share a universal truth. teach and edify. (3) simple real solutions.

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