Feb Fecta with Pasadena Triathlon Club

My friend Marvin at Pasadena Triathlon Club is putting on a fun 3 Race Event called Feb Fecta.

He tracks the cumulative times for the three races to determine the winners. Men’s and Women’s. Under 40 and over 40 groups. I’m in it to finish, but it’s fun to be in it to watch the fast one kill each other.

Marvin also got event tech t-shirts from our sponsor Run with Us in Pasadena. We could pick the color and sizes and style. So, of coarse everyone picked different ones. It’s awesome. Today we picked up the t-shirts at Run With Us. Joel is a Physical Therapist in training. He was doing some work on Kimberly’s foot pains in the store. Hilarious.
Tomorrow is Surf City Half Marathon.

I’m not in great running shape. It will be slow. ETA 2:20. We’ll see.

There are 39 folks signed up for all three events. Tomorrow we’re taking 2 van fulls down to the race. Valet parking at the hotel, secret private potty spot. It’s awesome.

Running Life Lesson: Running is more fun with friends. They keep up your motivation. They can help cope with injuries. They can pick up your packet for you when you can’t make it Huntington Beach. They order awesome t-shirts. They arrange vans to and from events. (And I don’t even like to run.)

Surf City Half Marathon
13.1 miles.
Bandit Ultra Trail Run
15k (9.3 miles)
Chinatown Firecracker Run
10k (6.2 miles)




Rainbow of custom Fecta Shirts!



Bright shirt from Surf City!


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