Ride Report – Front Side GMR

48.54 miles, 3:37 moving time, 4,128 ft elevation

On a warm sunny morning, the Club rode up and down the front side of GMR (Glendora Mountain Road). GMR is a well known climb for cyclist, as it twists up 9 miles into the sky. We started at Starbucks in Sierra Madre. While we gathered, I was warming up and drank half a bottle. We rode east to Encanto Park in Duarte and picked up a few more riders. We rode up the San Gabriel River Trail for a short bit and turned under the rock conveyor to a bike trail down to Sierra Madre. We took Sierra Madre east all the way through Monrovia, to Glendora and to GMR. We turned up the hill and started the 9 mile climb up the mountain. There were a couple cool breezes and a few shady spots, but most of the climb is hot and exposed to the sun. We traded trees and sky for the city views as pushed higher. Not as much car and moto traffic as Angeles Crest Hwy. We could see Azusa Canyon below, to the west. At the top, we regrouped in the shade, but made everybody ride the 1/4 mile to the top, just cuz. We flipped it and zipped down the hill and back to SM. Lots of iced drinks back at Starbucks! It was over ~85F at the top and over 90F at the end. Whew. Summer is here.

Jim, James, Tiffany, Deana, Leanne, Marcelo, Erick, Kristen, Kirk, Julie, GT, Joe, Elysa, Mike, Dino, Jonathan, TiffB. Alex.

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