Firecracker 10k Run

Firecracker 10k Run. By my Garmin data: 6.3 miles, 1:04:42.

Day started with a train ride on the Gold Line from South Pasadena to Chinatown. Marvin sent out the timetable so we could all catch the same train. That was fun. Lynda and crew took the early train and missed us. Stay with the program, lady! We picked up race packets, took pre-race pictures, then checked bags. Race itself. Race started with 100,000 loud firecrackers. It went on and on. I didn’t take my phone with me, but the views on the run were great. The hilly climb through Elysian Park. There were Tyco Drums. Over the 110 Fwy. View over LA. Ran past Dodger Stadium. Sparkling morning. I had belly issues the whole time. Bowel discomfort with fear of worse being possible. I’ll just say, thank God we were running through Elysian Park with bathrooms. I made an urgent and complete stop at mile 5. The ride back was fun too. I don’t ride the train much. But, when I do, it’s fun. Post Race at the Run with Us Booth at the Expo. They are a local running shop that sponsored our Feb Fecta event. The Feb Fecta is 3 stage race: Surf City Half Marathon + Bandit 15k Trail run + Firecracker 10k. Fastest cumulative time for Men/Women, Over and Under 40 yrs. I’m not fast, but participating is great cuz you got a free tech tee from Run With Us. Post Race meal: Heirlooms at South Pasadena. Right across the street from the train stop. Free parking below for Metro. Deal and convenience all over.

Life Lesson: Public transportation can be convenient and fun.

Running Lesson: Belly issues can slow you down. Pay attention to what you eat the night before. My huge banana split last night probably wasn’t the best idea.

Amy, Kim, Me



Nury, Mike, Marvin, Shane


Me, Mike, Joel, Amy


Me and Foo Dog


Big Race with 100,000 firecrackers to start the race. Smokin’.


Pre-race Photo. Front: Nury, Neil, Amy, Lynda, Alvin, Me, Mike, Kim, Middle: Mike, Evelyn, Shane, Eddy, Bryan, Back: Bill, Gregg, Kirk, Mike, Lucas, Yuri, Paul.


Post Race Front: Mike, Me, Alvin Middle: Evelyn Kim, Lynda, Amy, Marvin, Eddy Back: Yuri, Gene, Bryan, Paul, Gregg, Kirk, Mike, Lucas


Train ride home: Amy, Kim, Kirk


Bill, Lynda, me


Medal and Bib



Strava Details Here.


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