PTC Video Interview Series. Lynda Neuman.

I interviewed Lynda Neuman, on January 22, 2014, in Eagle Rock, CA. Lynda is the Training Director for PTC 2013/2014. This is Lynda’s triathlon story.

Lynda is business owner and CFO of a credit card processing company in Glendale, CA.

She watched her first Ironman event in 2005, while on vacation in St. Croix. As she watched 70 year old man, finish the event in hot humid conditions, she thought, ‘How hard could it be?’

She and her husband Bill started their triathlon journey as soon as they got home. They couldn’t swim at the time. They were recreational cyclists (15mi), and moderate runners (6mi).

After 1 year of self-training, they entered the St. Croix 70.3 Ironman and finished. It was tough and they sufffered. Lynda reached out and found coaching with with Rich Strauss, who started the Pasadena Triathlon Club.

Triathlon in her words is ‘THE most exciting sport. You work hard and you suffer hard.’ and she loves it. She has more fitness than her staff that are half her age.

Lynda’s Life Lesson from Triathlon: “You have to be bigger than this sport, you have to be bigger than what your body is telling you.”

Lynda became more disciplined. She’s able to do things she didn’t think she could do. The finish line is always well deserved, every time. She starting at age 52 as an athlete. To date (Jan 2014) she’s done 24 Half Ironmans, and countless half marathons.

Lynda’s Advice for Tri Newbie: “Just do it.” PTC is a valuable resource. It’s better than hacking by yourself. Learn from the club. Club is all about supporting each other.

“Get out there and do your first one. Crossing the finish line is HUGE accomplishment.”

Thanks for sharing your story, Lynda!

lynda joe

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