PTC Video Interview Series. Nicole Luque.

I interviewed Nicole Luque on March 2, 2014, in South Pasadena, CA.

Nicole joined PTC 10 years ago, when it was first known as Team Crucible, back in the day.

As a Senior in High School, Nicole started triathlon in in 1995. She has been swimming and running since she was very young. She was on a competitive swim team since 5 year old and ran through high school and college. First Triathlon was the Danskin Race. Watching Michellie Jones change a tire at a bike clinic was the coolest thing.

Now, as General Manager for Triathlon Business International, she manages triathlon conferences where triathlon companies promote tech, timing, bikes, shoes, you name it.

Lesson: Nutrition. Four legs of Triathlon: Swim, Bike, Run, Nutrition.

She didn’t notice nutrition was important until Wildflower 2004, when, during the Olympic Distance Race, it was hot 90’s degrees and bonked. Someone gave her a gel and she came back to life. It was apparent that nutrition was an important part of racing. Pre-race, during competition, and after.

Nicole worked for PowerBar for 4 years and is currently on their Elite Team, taking advantage of their nutrition products.

Ironman requires more miles. Bike was her weakest leg. But, long rides bring improvements.

Advice to newbies: Swimming – Work on your technique to efficient. Bike – Get your time in the saddle. Run – Spend time on long run. But, ramp up gradually. Don’t be over-zealous when starting out. Change workouts. Some are tough, some are easy recovery. Hard interval training. Give your body time to recover.

Thanks for sharing, Nicole!


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