PTC Video Interview Series. Derek Blackway.

PTC Video Interview Series. Derek Blackway interviewed by Joe Wong, January 23, 2014, in Arcadia, CA.

Derek works full time for a local non-profit. He’s 38, married with one child, and lives in LA.

Derek’s Triathlon Story.

Friends got him to do his first triathlon. It was all peer pressure. Day at the Beach Triathlon. He borrowed a bike. He was not a runner or cyclist at the time. Clipping cycle shoes into the pedal was trickiest part. But, he got hooked. Triathlon brought out his competitive side again.

Derek was a big surfer. Surfing has a lot of maneuvering and fighting for waves. His competitive nature left him in bad mood sometimes. In triathlon, his competitive nature was happier. Triathlon community is very nice and helpful, while still being competitive. “You can pass people in a triathlon and it’s cool.”

Derek has been working on his diet and nutrition. “It’s the toughest thing EVER.” He’s feeling really different in a good way.

“Triathlon is what you make it. It can be super competitive.”

He likes the numbers: power meter data.

Advice for newbies. “If it works for you, go for it.” “Make it as competitive as you want, or cruise if you want to. Go with it.”

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