PTC Big Bike Week Day 3. La Canada to Cloudburst

I had a great ride today. I joined my friends on PTC Big Bike Week. This is actually Day 3 of a 4 day event. You can check out the full description of PTC Big Bike Week here.

We met at Sport Chalet in La Canada. And went straight up Hwy 2 for 33 miles and flipped it. 66 miles total.  7,503 ft of climbing. 6: 06 moving time. Strava data is below. There was a good group of folks. I saw Paul, Dave, Luis, Kirk, PeterD, Steve, Alvin, Lynda, Gregg, Michel, David, PeterN.


Here’s the blow by blow with more pictures:

Strava details:

PTC Big Bike Week Day3. La Canada - Cloudburst  Strava Ride - Mozilla Firefox 382014 45136 PM

Mile 8: At Clear Creek, we met up with MichaelB. The fast guys dropped us early on.


Mile 13: At RedBox, we met up with Elizabeth and Elizabeth, who shared a home made Gel Bar. It was AMAZING. Mango, chia seeds. yummy. I ate a cube. I shoulda took a pic. it was beautiful. BTW, I made my own rice cakes: scrambled eggs, chives, bacon, brown sugar and gouda cheeze.


Stop for a vista with Hank, Lynda


Mile 26: Newcombs Ranch. This is an awesome stop. Biker dudes and cyclist mingle. Bar and potties. Hank, Lynda, and I had a Coke. We ran into Rich Swaris from Wheelbuilder.

IMG_1137  IMG_1134  IMG_1136

After Newcombs, the ride got a little cooler, the views were amazing. snowy ground and trees all the way to the Cloudburst Summit. 7,018 ft.

IMG_1143  IMG_1145   IMG_1144



Mile 33: At the summit, we flipped and rolled back down. There were some climbs even on the way back.


Here’s some video clips of the descent from Cloudburst. I recorded this with a Replay XD, mounted on my handlebars.





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