4 Hour Body, Tim Ferris

Woah. This is an amazing / wackie / fun / interesting BOOK.

4-Hour Body, by Tim Ferris

4 hour body


I’m not sure how to start… It’s a best seller. It’s a follow up to his 1st best seller, 4-Hour Work Week.

It’s a fun read. It’s got amazing ideas. Tim is smart, funny, excellent and crazy to do all this self-experimentation.

I’ll probably add comments to parts that I really like. In the mean time, go check it out.

Chapters on Dieting, Exercising, Sex and Sleeping are great. Time for some self-experimentation for me!

Lesson: I really liked his a la carte approach. He says to read what you want to read and skip the rest. It’s not a novel that you read from beginning to end. I actually like that approach in life. Flip through life to what you really need or like and dwell on that and skip the rest which is boring or irrelevant to you.

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