Brick #3

There was a good turn out for the Brick tonight. ~17. We roll at 5:30pm. The sun starts to set behind the hills. 2 warm up laps around the Bowl. Then up Salvia Canyon…

Steve, Bill, Jeff, MikeK, Charlie, Michel, MikeW, Lucas, Lynda, Phil, me. Not in pic: Steve, Elizabeth, Yuri, Rich, Billy, NeilG.


Charlie and Billy from my office joined us tonight. I hung with them and took them on an easier route with less hills to Descanso Gardens.

Joe’s Summary 18.4 miles, 1:13:06, 873 ft.

Rest of the Group took to the hills. Devon to Inverness. Up to St. Katherine, down around Highland. Linda Vista over to Glen Oaks.

Michel’s Strava Summary: 19.5 mi, 1:11:07, 1,657 ft.





It was cool in the shade through La Canada. It was down right cold on the way back down to the Rose Bowl.




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