Brick #4

We moved the start time to 6pm, a little more daylight. About 17+ riders. Cool. Cloudy.

I had my headlight cuz it was kinda dark. I had clear lens which keep my contacts from drying out, and better sight at night and in shady riding. Kinda needed a light jacket, cuz it wasn’t warm.

1 warm up loop around the Rose Bowl and Brookside Golf Course. Other big pelaton was forming during our warm up loop. We exited the bowl before they zipped by again. So, that was fine. A-group took off half way through warm up lap.

Basically 1 counter clockwise loop around over the hill. Salvia – Linda Vista – Highland – Figueroa – Lida.

Then 2 clockwise loops around the hill. Same path in reverse.

Stashed the bike. Quick change to run clothes and run around the bowl. I made it, barely. It was dark when I was done. OK. there was a potty break at the clubhouse around mile 1.

Strava Details below. I haven’t ridden up Lida for a long time. 18 trophies!

Peter, Steve, Michel, Eric, Mike, RonJ, friend 2, Jonathan, Bryan, Mike, Lynda, me. Not pictured: Lucas, Yuri, Gregg, Alvin, Eugene. Seb and DaveR were there, but not riding. I’m wearing my Mulholland Challenge Jersey, but you can’t see it.


Vista over Glendale’s Emerald Isle Neighborhood.


Lida curves past the Art Center College of Design.


18 trophies today!

140417 strava brick

2 thoughts on “Brick #4

  1. Joe, It was fun riding with you guys. I’m the “friend” wearing the red jersey in the middle of the photo.

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