Starting Off With Clipless Pedals

Good reminder about using clipless pedals. Great lessons for newbies. I liked the refresher why it’s called ‘clipless’, which sounds counter intuitive to me.


When I came up with the idea to write about using clipless pedals on our bikes, I thought my audience would be people that hadn’t ever used them and were nervous about moving up to something that ties your feet to your pedals. Well these many months later, watching and observing lots of cyclists in different groups, I see that there are many experienced cyclists that need to go out and practice the correct way to get started off with their clipless pedals too, so I hope they’re reading along with everyone else. Let me start off with some history to get everyone on the same page. pedals

What we call clipless pedals are really clip-in pedals, i.e., pedals that with an attachment specific to each brand of pedal, allow the rider to clip their feet into the pedals so that they’re secure for the entire pedal cycle. Back in the…

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