Morning tempo run

Ran with Lynda and Steve. Tempo set by pace targets. Steve is a great running coach with

5.5 miles, 53:44 moving time

11:30 min/mi




Whew! It was moderate speed, then a hill, then faster on a false flat. Then faster and faster. Steve had some great reminders about form and body position.

Notice anything about Lynda’s shoes today?






IMG_6135I clean up at the RBAC before heading into work. The pool looks so great. I wish I had time to swim this morning too. Enjoy the pic.


pace run with friends  Run  Strava - Mozilla Firefox 6112014 83814 AM

4 thoughts on “Morning tempo run

    1. Lauren, thanks for reading. we get ‘June gloom” cloud cover in the mornings, which burns off to sunny/hazy summer days. it’s perfect running weather. have a great day. i peeked at your blog. love it. good work! joe

      1. Anytime! Yes, the June gloom has been here all week too, but I enjoy running in that type of weather. Thanks for taking a peek! I appreciate it. Enjoy your day =)

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