Vacation. Caribbean Cruise. Part 1.

We went on an awesome Summer Vacation to the Eastern Caribbean on Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas, which is the largest ship in the world.

We woke up super early to get on the plane. LAX to ATL.  We ate breakfast at the airport and watched World Cup Soccer on iPad. Security was kinda slow. We got put in the baby and medical line. Slooooow. But total time not too bad. Lots of kids on our flight. When in Rome….wahhhh.



Never been to Atlanta before. Southwest flight. I usually eat lots of food to keep my tummy preoccupied with food instead of anything disruptive. My gut is usually tied up in knots on a plane. I’m torn on picking seats. I love looking out the window but I also I have to go to the potty all the time, so the aisle is a good seat for me too. Turns out sitting in the middle seat is pretty good with the kids. Then I can lean over and see out the window and I can easily step over one kid to get out. The drone of the airplane puts me to sleep, but it’s bad sleep. I hate that sleep. It’s not restful. I wish I could concentrate and read. BK played card games and read. I did sudoku that as much concentration as I could muster up on the plane ride. MM played card games too. She took some pictures out the window and slept. She felt a little woozy at the end. Glad to get off.


ATL. We watched more World Cup soccer on my iPad. That was awesome. Second flight my belly was kinda weird. BK slept. Irene finished a book Fault is in their Stars.

IMG_6287 IMG_6288

Landed in Ft. Lauderdale. Dark, hot muggy. Lady told us that the baggage at another carousel. Quick ride to hotel. 4th floor. Quiet. A little more soccer. Good night sleep.

Everynight at Dinner I asked the family what their favorite part of that day was.

B: Sitting and Rolling on his suitcase down the jetway at LAX.
M: nothing
I: Smooth connections.
J: Smooth flight connection. All our baggage made it. Soccer on TV.

Slept in a little bit. Breakfast at hotel was ok. Not great. Egg Buddy Mark.
I went for walk around the block with MM. We picked a few plumeria from a tree. Smelled great. Neighborhood was medium bad. Hot and muggy. I was dripping sweat and just walking two blocks.


Packed up and hopped on bus ride to boat. Hotel was very close to the airport and port. NiHao from Egg Buddy Mark and his family on the bus ride over to the port. Line at boat was short but a little slow. We are Gold members. Sat and waited upstairs for about an hour. Got on boat Allure of the Seas and roamed around. Had a quick snack there’s food all the time if you know where to go. And we do.

Lunch at Windjammer.

IMG_6335  IMG_6332

Rock climbing. I made it to the top. Super hard. I beat the kids because if I slowed down I’d run out of strength. I felt totally gassed afterwards, light headed. MM is a pro. She went up a couple times. Made it look easy. BK made it up too. Bags arrived at room just in time for dinner. Wore nice clothes. Took some pictures. Dinner table was not great. I was slightly grumpy. My prime rib was over cooked. Table was next to a big pole. It was really loud in the main dining room. We requested a new table for the next night.

Ping pong. We played a lot of ping pong on this trip.
Bk and I were both Ping Pong Champions of the World.
Mini Golf with MM, BK, I.

MM discovered her favorite appetizer. Shrimp cocktail.


Favorite thing of the day

B: Ping Pong Co-champion of the day.
M: Rock climbing and shrimp cocktail.
I: Exploring the boat.
J: Nice room. Fun with kids.


Deck 15 has a lot of the pools and fun stuff.



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