Vacation Cruise Part 2. Labadee, Haiti.


At sea all day. Played on boat.
Woke up early. Gym. Run. Right knee sore from Fontana.
Everybody with rock climbing. Did I mention I’m afraid of heights? Crazy scary. There’s no guy holding the rope either. It’s an auto-belay that you have to trust to slowly drop you down. Yeah.
IMG_6336  IMG_6341  IMG_6340
Ping pong. Lots of Ping Pong with Braden.
Ice Skating Show: Monopoly theme. Lobster lady was my favorite.
IMG_6352  IMG_6350
Zip line across the top. BK, MM, J.
Aqua show got rained out with lightning. BK and I played mini golf.
Locked safe in room freaked out mom. mm tried combo and error. Staff quickly fixed it in the morning.
We got a new table on the side dining room. Much better. Quieter, not in a major hallway. Window nearby.
Favorite thing
B: World champion ping pong. Beating daddy.
M: Climbing rock wall
I: Room safe. har har.
J: Rock climbing.
Breakfast. Just beat crowd at buffet. Oatmeal. Fruit sausage bacon. Lababee Haiti. Private resort owned and operated by Royal Caribbean Int’l. Can’t see the real Haiti. Beach and area walking around water park. Water cannon. Beautiful water private cove. No city. Probably. Very poor. We liked fake perfect.
Swam in ocean with kids. It was so perfect. Sharp pokey rocks at shore. Float as soon as I could. Irene sat in shade and watched.
140622 Wong Family4
We swam and saw fish. Kids would get tired and hang on my shoulder. I could stand on my tippy toes in most places. My favorite was seeing the kids underwater swimming next to me and smiling at me. Priceless.
Lunch was served at te beach by the boat crew.  Ribs. Corn on the cob.
Huge zip line flies across the whole cove. we didn’t go on. Roller coaster with small cars rolls through the jungle, but we didn’t go on that either. Braden tried do to catch the rainbow fish. Troubles with goggles.
Went swimming 2 or 3 times with kids.
IMG_6388 IMG_6394
Watched 3D movie Mr. Peabody and Sherman. It had all me favorite elements for a bad movie but it was fun for the kids. Time travel. Dumb choices by kids.  Animals. Puns are dad bad.
Aqua show. Like Cirque du Soliel, not quite but really good. It got rained out for bad weather last night. 5:15 wasn’t quite dark enough. More dramatic at dark. We can see from our room. Loud.
Chicago. Broadway show. It was great. We got there early for good seats and I loved it. M fell asleep. Almost. We saw the Velma actress in the elevator later. Energetic.
Dinner. Archachi. Rice balls. Eggplant parmigiana. Tiramisu. Wine. Good dinner. Late seating. Waiter is from Portugal. Friendly banter with Braden about World Cup. US and Portugal are in the same pool.
Favorite part of day.
B: Swimming in ocean.
M:  Swimming in ocean.
I: Watching kids swim in ocean.
J: Swimming next to kids in ocean. Priceless. Chicago was great too.

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