Sunday Open Water Swim. Corona del Mar Beach

Beautiful sparkling swim at Corona Del Mar Beach, in Newport Beach.

0.74 miles, 34: 36 moving time. [Garmin file had an error, so no strava, boo].

We found street parking which was great. Short walk down the main beach area. It filled up later. The houses are amazing fancy pants shin digs. Great views of the water and beach.

We met at Life Guard Tower #3. It’s the most obvious one right near the parking lot. There’s convenient, clean bathrooms and shower spots, to rinse off the wetsuits. There’s lots of swimmers in the morning. Siting was fairly straightforward with plenty of high and visible land marks to see. The water was cool to me, not frigid and not warm, just right. It was clear water. I could see the sand on the bottom as you neared the beach. The route is a ~0.5 mile loop around buoys. The buoys were ok to see most of the time. They bobbed up and down in the swells. There were waves near shore and the whole area bobbed up and down. I was kinda sea sick after one loop, so headed back in. Yuri and Rafael also felt nausea from the sea swells. I took my water tight iPhone pouch with me and got some fun shots in the water. I tucked it into my wetsuit, down my neck so I didn’t worry about it as I swam. Glenn and Todd took off for another lap.

I peeled off my wetsuit and swam around with my daughter. It was fun times. The waves were fun to dive through. It got deep fairly fast. Sand shimmered gold in the churning breakers. Barking seals lined the breakwater. We warmed up on the golden sand and the soft breeze cooled us off. We read a little. We snacked on peaches, chips, coconut water. We talked about life starting in high school and some ideas for volunteering time at the hospital and after school mentoring little kids. We grabbed a yummy wrap on the way home for lunch.

Elizabeth, Glenn, Margot, Rafael, Yuri, me, Todd, Scott. [Charles and Donna joined later, not pictured.]


IMG_9240 IMG_9236 IMG_9239 IMG_9241  IMG_9244 IMG_9245 IMG_9247 IMG_9248 IMG_9249 IMG_9251 IMG_9253 IMG_9258 IMG_9259 IMG_9260 IMG_9271 IMG_9273

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