Lee Family Reunion 2015

We drove to Bakersfield on Saturday for the Lee Family Reunion at Panda Palace. That’s my Dad’s Mom’s side of the family. Cousins Sharilynn and Christie did an awesome job. Generation 5 was responsible for setting up the reunion, and Invitations and reminders. Facebook notifications. They had candy bar which was really fun. They brought hats for photo booth fun. They made great party favors too. They updated the Family Directory. They had everybody bring in scrap book pages from this year. Well done.

Chad was the Emcee. My dad said an extended prayer to grace the food and then we all hung out for a while and took a lot of pictures. The great thing about the Family Reunion is the changing of the guard. Auntie Margie is the last of Generation 3. She’s still mentally pretty good. Irene noted that Auntie Margie greeted her by name.

We took pictures with Generation 3 and 4, which is my Dad’s Generation. We took pictures of Generation 5 with hats. And we took a picture with everybody there, which is at least 60 folks. The demographics are very interesting you can see our family is a melting pot of all races, backgrounds.

The scrap books pages have tons of old pictures from previous reunions.

I worked really hard on my changing my attitude about driving to Bakersfield. Irene reminded me that family is one of the most important things in life, and I should be happy to invest in my family at every opportunity. In the past, I had bad experiences and bad attitudes towards family events. I needed to break that attitude and shake off those old feelings. It starts with making the commitment to going and commit to having a good time. Extend yourself to others. Smile and introduce yourself to relatives you don’t recognize. It’s hard to remember names and associations.

The kids had a great time with their cousins. I made new friends with cousins John and Kim and their son Tom. I talked triathlon with Patrick and Christie. I took pictures of each table and greeted them all. I re-aquainted with cousin Kevin. I met Brian’s kids and spouse Jonathan and Alanna, and Katherin.

Chad: Emcee, My Dad

IMG_6861 IMG_6863

Candy Bar and hats!

IMG_6864 IMG_6865

Costumes and pictures.


IMG_6869 IMG_6871 IMG_6872 IMG_6874 IMG_6876 IMG_6879

Generation 3 (Auntie Margie) and Generation 4 (my parents)


Generation 5 (me)


Lee Family Reunion



IMG_6919 IMG_6923 IMG_6926 IMG_692912072531_10203684336147987_1878213024498291592_n 12113337_10203687981599121_5504158471184825429_o 12122419_10203685631340366_5994263571887548170_n

The Family Tree is a little unique with Three Families : Chow, Lee, and Go sides. Long story.


12141800_10203691100557093_4094851874829089177_n 12122410_10203691096276986_5446666881255658483_n 12119059_10203691096796999_8759907797908725012_n 12118842_10203691103277161_7175086743068966892_n 12118647_10203691099037055_6209492412421251277_n 12115918_10203691100717097_3122880036249122694_n 12115892_10203691103317162_7750376930072295298_n 12115491_10203691096716997_4059011373807634055_n 12112421_10203691115077456_1595347703275529414_n 12112090_10203691115317462_2668204102274738860_n 12112011_10203691100237085_2013613822199351739_n 12108975_10203691099237060_841735363699159559_n 12096605_10203691099717072_4365101285305951756_n 10430915_10203691113517417_6398712289933184657_n 17024_10203691097797024_9178998028478363235_n 12144689_10203691096476991_1093577892737015005_n

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