PTC Club Meeting. September.

Here’s the download from PTC Club Meeting.

Date: Sunday, Sept 14, 5pm
Location: Jones Coffee
Address:  693 S Raymond Ave Pasadena, CA. 91105 / (626) 564-9291

Introductions. PTC Board Members.
Dino, Joe, Michael, Elizabeth, Dave, George. Not present: Michel, Sebastian.
Pass out all raffle tickets. Drawings will be interspersed with Sponsors.
Next Year’s BOD / Dino
New Board Members. Spots open to serve.
Centric / Matthew
T-shirt and bottle freebie.
VO2 Winner: Page, Gabe
IMG_9969 IMG_9970 IMG_9971 IMG_9972 IMG_9974 IMG_9975
Run with Us / Victor
Winner Goodie bag: Richard, Phil
WInner $50 gift card: Peter
IMG_9977 IMG_9978 IMG_9979
Velo Pasadena
Winner $50 Gift card: Margot

Endurance Nation /  Rich 

Great talk on the keys to Triathlon: Box, Work Works, SAU’s. Faster in the Out Season. Try out the EN community free for a month.
Michael / Social
– Pancake Flip off. Oct 4. 
DaveR leading charge.  
Sat Ride: Start at SoPas Garfield Park 7am. NPR in reverse. End at Flip off ~9am.
Volunteer Sign UP Sheet
Club Championship BBQ. Oct 12. 
Michael McClenahan
Get more volunteers for food. Set up Potluck.
Trailer to Bonelli. Tent.
Elizabeth to sign up Relays.
Volunteer Sign Up Sheet
– End of Year Party. Dec 6. 
Michael driving this event. 
Get committee for decorations, set up, awards, sponsor raffle.
George has a big projector for slide show.
ACTION: Michael to form committees to help set up and clean up.
George / Sponsorship
– PTC Kit orders: Order open next week. 
– Website, Race Reach. Roll out plan. 
Dave, George / Membership. 
Membership through PTC Website will begin after Sept 14.
Membership through will end Sept 30. 
Proposed 2015 PTC Club Events:
1 Firecracker
2 Surf City
3 Mulholland Challenge
4 Pasadena Triathlon
5 St. George Triathlon
6 Santa Barbara Triathlon
7 La Jolla Swim a thon
8 Club Championship at Bonelli
IMG_9984 IMG_9986 IMG_9987 IMG_9988 IMG_9989 IMG_9990 IMG_9991 IMG_9992 IMG_9993 IMG_9994 IMG_9995 IMG_9996 IMG_9997 IMG_9998 IMG_9999
Jones coffee 
Winners: Amy, Neil, Neil, Alvin
4 lbs and mugs

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