Coffee, beer, marathon, and TransArabia Ultra

While on my way to meet a friend for a drink at Intelligentsia, I got there early and ran into another friend Steve. Steve is great. He’s my chiropractor and the founder for Pasadena Pacers Running club. As I said, ‘hi’ he was getting a lesson on grams of coffee + grams of water at 210F, poured in slow swirling motions. I got a taste. It was yummy. Steve’s group does amazing road trips. Next year 2015 is Croatia’s Wall Marathon. Then, 2016 he’s doing TransArabia Ultra Stage race. Dead Sea. Petra. Red Sea. Epic! G’Luck Steve. He asked if I was President of PTC. I said that would be presumptuous. I’m only the secretary this year but thinking about it for next year. He was flattering in encouraging me that I’d be great at it. 3rd person today to encourage me to be President next year. Hmm. What’s the world saying to me?

I got a flight of beers to pass the time waiting for my friend. Me time.





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