tempo run. stromer st1 ebike.

6.0 miles, 59:15 moving time, 9:49 pace

Seasons are changing. It is flat out dark at 6:15am. I didn’t want to get up this morning. It was a good thing that Lynda checked in last night and Scott checked in this morning at 5:20am. It was worth it. It felt great to be running. I pushed it hard this morning. Lynda’s training plan had tempo miles. So, it was on today. The sun broke through the clouds by 7:30am.

Lynda, Steve, Glenn, Scott and I ran a 6 mile loop, up and around the Arroyo Seco, where the Rose Bowl lies. I wore a blinky light to warm sleepy drivers not to run me over.

1 mile warm up was up the hill on Seco. 1 mile as fast as you could mile, false flat. 15 sec walk. 1 mile as fast as you can along Arroyo Blvd. We made 29:04 to the water break at Jack in the Box. That’s fast for us. Easy 1/3 mile over the freeway. Fast mile down Linda Vista. 15sec walk. Easy jog down Salvia Canyon. Last fast mile around the Rose Bowl Loop. Ack!

Bill found us as we finished at RBAC. Bill was riding his new Stromer ST1. Special techy treat. Awesome ebike. It has a strain gage so as you apply pressure, it applies energy. It basically doubles your pedaling effort. You Zoom. He let Steve and me try it out. It was so fun. Video clip.

Me, Glenn, Steve, Lynda, Scott

IMG_0824 IMG_0825 IMG_0826 IMG_0827 IMG_0828


run. fast mile - 15s rest - fast mile...  Run  Strava - Mozilla Firefox 10152014 90637 AM



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