Resolution Ride and Club Picture Day

35.9 miles, 3:08:51 moving time, 4,111 ft, 120 suffer score, 41 Strava trophies

Cool crisp SoCal morning. It was 35F on the way to the ride. Club started at Jones Coffee.

Peter, Zach, Kirk, David, Rich, Phil, DaveR, DaveB, Jonathan, John, Peter, Gregg, John, MikeK, BrianB, Richard, Margot, PaulM, Lisa, Paul, Bryan, Henry, Brent, Luis and me. Hello’s and Happy New Years.

Introduction of 2015 PTC Board members. DaveR – Social, Peter – Secretary, Elizabeth- Race, Derek – Marketing, Sebastian – Treasurer, and Me- President.

Introduction of PTC Club Leaders. Lynda – Saturday Rides. PeterDay – Bricks.  Luis – Sunday Beginner Rides. Dino- Big Bike Week. I hear Gail might do a Polar Bear Swim too.


We rolled up to Pasadena City Hall for Annual PTC Club Picture Day.

IMG_4698 IMG_4702 IMG_4701 IMG_4699 IMG_4692

Heather, a friend of Peter and a professional photo and video person took our picture this year! and, there’s a silly pictures of us too.

PTC 2015

Back: Henry, Phil, Richard, DaveB, Ryan, PaulB, Rich, Gregg, PeterD, NeilG, Lucas.

Middle: Brent, Margot, Bryan, Kirk, PeterN, Jonathan, Zach, Gail, NeilK, Corrina, John

Front: DaveR, Michel, Luis, Brian, DavidB, Lisa, John, MikeK, Joe, Catherine, PaulM, Lynda.


We rode in a big circle around the city counter clockwise hitting all the hills. We saw the Rose Parade Floats sitting on Sierra Madre Blvd. We went by Eaton Canyon, Top of Lake,Chaney Trail. Chaney is 20%+ that one is nuts. and a mile long.

IMG_4703  IMG_4709IMG_4625IMG_4704  IMG_4697IMG_4638IMG_4700 IMG_4643IMG_4644   IMG_4696  IMG_4695

Descanso Gardens, Hampstead, Sugarloaf. That one is 16%. Also nuts.

IMG_4705 IMG_4708 IMG_4660 IMG_4662 IMG_4666 IMG_4667

St. Augustine. 14%. ok you get the idea.

IMG_4675 IMG_4676 IMG_4677 IMG_4678

We rolled back along Linda Vista and up Glen Oaks, above the Rose Bowl, and to the End of the World.

IMG_4707 IMG_4706 IMG_4685

Coffee and snacks and stories, back at Jones Coffee. Well done for of the year!

I heard one of the Johns went down in a shady, sandy, hilly spot. Minor flesh wound. Bike and phone ok. I was glad to see him smiling at the end of the ride.

Chrome Legacy Window 132015 15237 PM PTC Resolution Ride. Climb Every Mountain. Crisp Cali Day!  Ride  Strava - Google Chrome 132015 15204 PM

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