Training Plan and Life. Ride and run.

Ride: 29.1 miles, 2:06:19 moving time, 2,507 ft elevation, 74 suffer score, 20 trophies

Run: 4.3 miles, 46:39 moving time, 65 suffer score

Life lesson: Do what you can, when you can.

With some family stuff in the morning, I started my solo ride a little bit late. I knew the route that the Club was taking, which was clockwise from Pasadena to La Tuna Canyon. So, I planned on riding the route backwards and flipping it when I met up with them. It worked out pretty good. I saw my peacock friend as I left my ‘hood. I got a few good climbs. I rode from SoPas to the Rose Bowl, then up Lida by the Art Center College of Design. I stopped at the top and said ‘hi’ to Rafael and his friends Walter, Sergio, Juilette. I rolled down Linda Vista and then up Verdugo. That’s when I saw the B group flying down. I flipped it and rode back to Pasadena with Philip, Michel, Brent, Steve, Shane, and Mike. I took them up Glenoaks and up Chevy Chase Canyon. Up Linda Vista and back down Lida. We even went up Arbor, just for kicks. We joined the A group Bryan, Phil, and Gregg at Jones coffee. Luis led the coached ride with Kelsy and Kin and they pulled in for coffee a few minutes later.

After juggling a few more family things after the ride, I was able to do a run while I waited for one of my kids to finish their thing. It worked out great. I was basically circling the middle school, waiting for the carpools to return. I took a few extra pictures of butterflies and flower and texted a little too much to keep up my pace.

Later, I found myself looking at Training Peaks and my training plan, which said to do the following.

Bike: MS1: 30′ @65-70%/Zone1/Easy.
MS2: 2.5hrs @70-75%/Zone2-3/Steady.

Run: WU: 3 miles @z2/MP/Steady PLUS 30 seconds per mile
MS:Remainder of run @z2/MP/Steady with a 30-step walking break per mile.
CD: 5′ easy/walking.

Swim: WU: 400.
MS1: 100 (10″) @T-pace, 200 (20″) @T-pace, 300 (30″) @T-pace, 400 (60″) @T-pace, 300
(20″) @T-pace minus 2 seconds, 200 (20″) @T-pace minus 3 seconds, 100 Sprint. Set
Total: 1600.
MS2: 8 x 50 (20″), as odds Fast, evens Easy. Set Total: 400.
CD: Make workout last 1 hour.
Total: 2700

Today, I struggled to try to figure out how to get all three workouts into my real life. And couldn’t do the swim. For the next few weeks I will work harder to move the workouts around to fit them in better. I don’t want to skip any workouts. As I type out this post, the rain started coming down, adding even more truth to ‘Doing what you can, when you can’.

IMG_6545 IMG_6565 IMG_6566 IMG_6554 IMG_6568 IMG_6570 IMG_6573 IMG_6577

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