Sunday Beginner Ride. Hill Repeats along Arroyo Seco.

18.0 miles, 1:24:01 moving time, 1,017 ft elevation, 38 suffer score, 6 trophies

Elizabeth led the Sunday Beginner Ride. Luis, Tom, Mike, Elizabeth, Nick, John, Mike and me.

IMG_6611  IMG_6591Warm up lap around Rose Bowl. Tons of people out early for the Swap Meet. Traffic was a little nuts. We headed south down Arroyo and went up and down the hills. Up California, Down Bradford, Up Bellafountaine, Down Madeline. Extra credit up Arbor! Some of the guys are returning cyclists and some are new riders. Instruction on descending and applying brakes.

Good times! Beautiful morning after a light rain yesterday.

IMG_6596 IMG_6599 IMG_6601 IMG_6603 IMG_6605 IMG_6609

02082015 South Pasadena, California  Ride  Strava - Mozilla Firefox 282015 111021 AM

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