Motorists Vs. Cyclists – A Noob’s Guide:  How Not to Handle a Felony Assault with a Vehicle… Or, How to Almost get Run Over on a Bike.

I have been riding for a few a few years now, but I still have a lot to learn. I live in Los Angeles where the car is king. I have a healthy respect for physics. This article that I’m re-posting was food for thought. Since I take lots of pictures anyway, it was a healthy reminder to safe out there and observant of what’s going on around me. Joe.

This is a re-post from another blog…

Fit Recovery

Mike and I were 65 miles into a 69 mile ride. It was hot but just started raining, so it felt wonderful. Unfortunately I was on the Venge and Mike was riding his 7 Series Madone – not the rain bikes. We were on a country road that gets a little more traffic than we like but have ridden it dozens of times in the past (not a highway, standard two-lane road country road). We were single file, 3″ left of the white line. Heads down, in the drops, 22 mph, trying to beat a line for home before getting too soaked. I took the lead with three miles to go and took it up to 24. A mile into itwe heard the car horn… From about a quarter mile back. A succession of honks followed by a sustained, loooong lean on the horn. Mike said, “Oh boy, here we…

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